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Production worker operates printing press, talking with manager holding digital tablet.

Next Practices For Intelligent Enterprise IM&C Companies

3-Jul-2019 | Judy Cubiss | Digital IM&C

IM&C companies innovate faster, create new markets and products quickly, automate processes, and attract and retain customers with the aid of data analytics.

Field service rep maintains smart home using smart digital touch screen device

Plant Tours In The 21st Century: How Service Leaders Can Stay Connected

27-Jun-2019 | Gary Nelson | Digital IM&C

Field service has transformed from an expensive logistical nightmare into a profit-generator thanks to digital field service solutions.

Plant employees collaborate to fix a problem on the production floor

Plant Tours In The 21st Century: How Human Resources Leaders Can Stay Connected

20-Jun-2019 | Gary Nelson | Digital IM&C

Human resources are unlike any other manufacturing resources. In today’s fast-moving industry, being virtually connected with employees is essential.

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