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Surgeon walking down a corridor

Weathering A Pandemic And Preparing For The Next Outbreak: Getting UK Hospitals Ready

31-Mar-2020 | Komal Mathur | Digital Healthcare

Hospitals and healthcare providers must take action now to manage the current situation and be prepared for the next, inevitable outbreak.

Doctors performing surgery in operating room

Collaborating For A Better Tomorrow: The Operating Room Of The Future

30-Mar-2020 | Michael Byczkowski | Digital Healthcare

The operating room of the future will be a networked, integrated intelligent healthcare enterprise that consolidates all data on an intelligent platform.

man measuring his sugar level with a lancet

Prescription Drug Shortages Could Plague The 2020s

30-Jan-2020 | Richard Howells | Digital Healthcare

An aging population, global political pressures, and supply chain challenges are increasing the odds that many life-saving drugs will be in short supply.

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