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Doctor with digital tablet in clinic office

Why Digital Security In Healthcare Needs Intensive Care

11-Jul-2019 | Larry Alton | Digital Healthcare

Healthcare. It's the one industry where digital security isn’t progressing as quickly as it should, and it’s time we start paying more attention to it.

Scientist researches heallthcare-related cure

Solving Complex Challenges With AI That Evolves As It Learns

2-Jul-2019 | Jerry Smith | Digital Healthcare

Evolutionary computation, a step up from today's AI, informs business decisions by providing optimal solutions to incredibly complex problems.

Patient is given a check-up by a doctor online

Life Science Companies Adapt As Healthcare Goes Home

17-Jun-2019 | Jonathan Burdette | Digital Healthcare

As longevity increases, which players in the medical device industry will reach the future first, and which ones will be disrupted by those that do?

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