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Man uses virtual reality glasses

Why Tenacity Is Important To Succeed As A Startup

6-Aug-2019 | Dilipkumar Khandelwal | Digital Futures

Not every startup becomes a growth story. Here are the factors that set up a company for success.

Threat and Opportunity: Blockchain’s Hunger for Power

28-Nov-2018 | Dan Wellers | Digital Futures

Blockchain is a promising solution to complex problems of trust, identity, and authentication – but it is profoundly wasteful.

SAP Leonardo, Life Sciences, Internet of Things, Big Data, Connected Devices

Empower People With Health Wearables: Mixing Tech And Health

15-Dec-2017 | Joseph Miles | Digital Futures

Wearable activity trackers can show immediate benefits to improve people's health, manage disease, and decrease healthcare costs.

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