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business leaders engage in merger negotiation in a meeting room with projected growth displayed on a digital monitor on the wall

How To Maximize The Value Of M&A Activities

18-Feb-2020 | Abdullah Dagasan | Digital Finance Transformation Series

A modern IT architecture is a key driving force for cost optimization, sales increases, strategic steering, and other priorities in merged companies.

Plant worker climbs an oil storage tank

Digital Culture And Enablement In Finance Transformation Journeys

13-Feb-2020 | Michael Benz | Digital Finance Transformation Series

Every cultural change takes time, but a step-by-step plan led with intention can smooth the transition.

financial leaders reviews business performance dat on his laptop

Becoming A Digital Enterprise: The Role Of The CFO

17-Dec-2019 | Christian Brandl | Digital Finance Transformation Series

Digital transformation vests unique power in CFOs' hands and marks a new era for their role in the enterprise.

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