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Five Forces Transforming Financial Institutions

15-Nov-2018 | Dr. Betty Moon | Digital Economy Premium

Is the pace of change really accelerating, or does it just feel that way?  The answer lies in your perception.

digital transformation, connectedness, standardization, manufacturing, internet of things

Manufacturing’s Next Act Begins With Connectedness And Standardization

13-Nov-2018 | Klaus Berghoffer | Digital Economy Premium

The further decision-makers are from the shop floor, the harder it is for them to appreciate and understand the bold changes affecting manufacturing.

innovation, intelligent enterprise

Context And An Open Mind: The Secrets To Unlocking Intelligent Innovation

13-Nov-2018 | Dominik Fitterer | Digital Economy Premium

Innovations may come in many shapes and forms, but they all have one thing in common: the need to drive real outcomes for the business.

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