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Downtown Austin skyline at sunset elevated view with Colorado river

Tech Companies Are Leaving Bay Area In Droves – Where Are They Going?

14-Nov-2019 | Larry Alton | Digital Economy Premium

While Silicon Valley will certainly remain the tech/startup capital of the world for decades to come, it’s lost a bit of its luster and charm.

Dunguaire castle on the Wild Atlantic Way coastal route; Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland --- Image by © Trish Punch/Design Pics/Corbis

The Magic Of Enterprise Experience Strategy

12-Nov-2019 | Sourajit Ghosh | Digital Economy Premium

Leverage intelligent technologies, business applications, and a cloud platform to build a powerful, intelligent, experience-driven enterprise.

Soldiers are Using Drone for Scouting During Military Operation in the Desert

Are Drones Changing The Way We Live?

5-Nov-2019 | Shaily Kumar | Digital Economy Premium

Drones were developed as a military technology, but their business and consumer uses are revolutionizing our everyday lives.

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