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The Direct-To-Consumer Experience Relies On A Great Product Experience

14-Feb-2019 | Richard Howells | Digital Disruption

From A(llbirds) to Z(appos), all D2C companies have one thing in common: a great customer experience directly linked to a great product experience.

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Exponential Change Is Driving Disruption: Does Your Tech Infrastructure Support Agility, Flexibility, And Pivoting?

7-Feb-2019 | Jim Harris | Digital Disruption

To survive and thrive in this fast-changing business environment, companies must be customer-focused, agile, and continue to innovate.

Creating A Five-Star Consumer-Like Experience With People Analytics

4-Feb-2019 | Dr. Christian Liebig | Digital Disruption

Here's how people analytics can help HR create new programs or improve existing ones that are designed for a 5-star consumer experience.

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