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businessman reviewing a report and talking on a smartphone with a chatbot

Getting A Bot That Really Works: Best Corporate Architectures For Conversational Interfaces

18-Jun-2019 | Paul Pinard | Digital Customer Experiences

The receptionist model creates more sophisticated chatbots that increase service quality along with customer satisfaction.

customer experience, experience economy, engagement

Intelligent Enterprises Make The Experience Economy Click With Consumers

21-May-2019 | Rudeon Snell | Digital Customer Experiences

Consumer buying decisions are greatly influenced by the quality of the experience they receive from the brand, not just by the brand’s product or service.

Christmas nutcracker soldiers on a mantle

Reindeers, Elves, And Machine Learning

24-Dec-2018 | Nicholas Nicoloudis | Digital Customer Experiences

There’s a lot we can learn from Santa: he always knows exactly what gifts will satisfy each one of his millions of young customers. And now, retailers can too.

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