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creative business people meeting in a large creative office space

New Series: Top 5 Best Practices Of Best-In-Class Digitalists

7-Nov-2019 | Alexander Greb | Digital Core

Having the right mindset and principles at the beginning of a digital transformation initiative is vital to its success.

box moves down the warehouse as part of a larger supply chain

A Supply Chain Leader’s Dilemma: Digitization Vs. Transformation

30-Oct-2019 | Ajit Menon | Digital Core

Companies that understand the roadmap can embark on a disciplined journey and attain true digital transformation.

A leadership discusses the innovation of new business processes for their consumer products company

How Consumer Products Companies Can Drive Digital Transformation

21-Aug-2019 | John Terzis | Digital Core

To achieve digital transformation, consumer products companies must adopt a standardized solution flexible enough to work across multiple organizations.

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