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Woman looks at data on a tablet while enjoying coffee at an outside cafe

Plan For Demand By Placing The Customer At The Heart Of Your Operations

7-Nov-2019 | David Vallejo | Digital Consumer Products

For consumer goods companies, the only way to succeed is by meeting customers' expectations by putting them at the heart of your processes.

Woman selecting produce at supermarket

Sufficiency: When Is Enough For Your Customer, Enough For Your Business?

6-Nov-2019 | Kathryn Rae | Digital Consumer Products

Rather than considering food waste as a recycling issue, retailers should change consumer behavior to be more rational but at the same time remain profitable.

Consumers considers buying a private-lable product at a grocery store

Private-Label Products: The Rising Star In Retail Automating The Source-To-Contract Process

25-Sep-2019 | Florian Seebauer | Digital Consumer Products

Increasing the private-label products assortment gives retailers new ways to compete, increase margins, and secure customer loyalty.

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