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Personalization Is No Longer An Option But A Necessity For The Chemicals Industry

20-May-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | Digital Chemicals

Today's B2B buyer is nothing like yesterday's, so why are your processes still stuck in the past?

Ariel view of a man walking on top a chemical tanker truck

Marketplaces In The Chemical Industry, Just Hype Or The New Battlefield?

21-Apr-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | Digital Chemicals

There are pros and cons to offering products on a digital marketplace, but what's certain is that you won't be successful with the same old business approach.

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The Field Of Gold: Why It Is Time To Rethink Your Customer Service

20-Jan-2020 | Pedro Ahlers | Digital Chemicals

For chemical manufacturers, customer service is about business growth, customer satisfaction, and customer loyalty; efficiency and cost-saving are side effects.

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