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Man building house with wooden blocks

Red Thread Transformation: Building Blocks Of Connected Transformation (Part 2)

30-Dec-2019 | David B. Smith | Digital Business

Here's how business challenges and digital changes can be guided by a thread connecting business ambition, value, and navigating the direction to get there.

Businesswoman examining crystal ball in office

Red Thread Transformation: Looking Through The Right Lens (Part 1)

23-Dec-2019 | David B. Smith | Digital Business

A deadline-driven perspective that focuses on technical and system changes may not be the right lens to be looking through to unleash true business potential.

IT team sitting in boardroom and discussing expected outcomes of artificial intelligence

Want Responsible AI? Think Business Outcomes

7-Aug-2019 | Mala Anand | Digital Business

As technology threatens to exceed society’s checks and balances, business leaders must ask themselves about the potential impact of their own applications.

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