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Three Ways Smart Innovations Are Making Commutes Easier

20-Nov-2017 | Moncombu Raju | digital automotive

New technologies will get you to your destination safer, faster, and less stressfully.

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Automotive Steered A New Way: The Rise Of Subscription Services

12-Oct-2017 | Branwell Moffat | digital automotive

A big shift in the attitude to car ownership is rounding the turn. If you can hail a car to take you anywhere at will, why do you need to own one?

ERP, Karma Automotive, omnichannel, customer experience

Karma Automotive Reengineers The Customer Experience To Be Almost As Luxurious As The Revero

28-Sep-2017 | Celia Brown | digital automotive

Startup luxury hybrid automaker capitalizes on innovative technology, sustainability, and connected manufacturing to deliver game-changing customer experience.

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