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Woman using virtual reality headset at night with city lights in background

Five Big Technologies Will Blow Up Your Small Business In The Next Five Years

16-Jan-2020 | Gene Marks | Digital Assistants

These five emerging technologies will certainly blow up your small business within the next five years.

Finance team benefit from the insight generated through RPA to handle cash management

Attended On Desktops? Unattended On Servers? RPA Is A Continuum! Part 4

17-Jun-2019 | Pierre Col | Digital Assistants

Far from being entrenched between two opposing approaches, RPA is a continuum that contributes agility and efficiency to organizations' digital transformation.

developers discuss user experience of new program

The Built-In Support Effect: Setting The Cornerstone Of The Digital User Experience

11-Jun-2019 | Dawn Gruszewski | Digital Assistants

When business disruption happens, built-in support practices bring unprecedented freedom and capacity for ground-breaking innovation and boundless potential.

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