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Digital Agriculture: Start Simple, Start Now

6-Jul-2018 | Jack Wang | Digital Agribusiness

Agribusiness owners are not digital dinosaurs.

Crop Disease: Waging Modern Warfare Against An Ancient Foe

31-May-2018 | John Ward | Digital Agribusiness

Crop losses due to pests and plant pathogens continue to rob world markets of much-needed food and cost farmers billions of dollars every year. But today's information technology might finally help turn the tide of battle against this ancient foe.

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As Machine Learning Remakes Industries, Leaders Must Transform Enterprise IT

21-May-2018 | Jim McHugh | Digital Agribusiness

From cars that autonomously navigate dark and icy roads, to MRI scanners trained to spot brain abnormalities, to warehouses managed by sensors, drones, and robots, machine learning is already transforming industries in profound ways. What's lagging is the IT architecture to support all the data it generates.

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