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To Go Digital, Finance Must Work Differently

16-Jul-2018 | Anders Liu-Lindberg | DevOps

Here's how design thinking and devops can accelerate delivery of digital products in your finance function.

Digital Transformation: Why It Matters And How To Get There

30-May-2018 | Jamshid Vayghan | DevOps

In today’s fast-paced business environment, established companies must embrace enterprise-wide digital transformation that leverages their existing IT capabilities. The key is a strong and flexible foundation of information and capabilities that typically reside in systems of records to drive these initiatives.

Businessman speaking voice mails on his smart phone

DataOps Is The Next Big Thing

13-Dec-2017 | Ella Brand | DevOps

We need an approach that does for data what DevOps did for infrastructure, joining data suppliers and data consumer while eliminating a static data lifecycle.

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