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Sustainable Design: The Key To Unlocking A Sustainable Future

1-Oct-2019 | Alina Gross | Design To Operate

Companies must design, manufacture, and deliver sustainable products that meet today's needs, without compromising the ability to meet the needs of future generations.

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A Customer Experience Mindset Is Needed For The Intelligent Enterprise

3-Sep-2019 | Darcy MacClaren | Design To Operate

If improving the experience that customers have of your company is part of your business goals – and it should be – the supply chain is the place to start.

Engineer Testing Forged Steel --- Image by © Monty Rakusen/cultura/Corbis

Design To Operate: Integrated Processes For Better Operations And Maintenance

24-Jul-2019 | Patrick Crampton-Thomas | Design To Operate

The operations phase of the D2O product lifecycle is ripe for transformation, poised to move away from its focus on reducing cost and standardizing maintenance.

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