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IT professional uses rapid application development to design new software

Rise Of Low-Code/No-Code Application Development Platforms

29-Jan-2020 | Jan Pabellon | Design Thinking

Low- or no-code platforms allow developers, or even non-developers, to build applications quickly, easily, and rapidly on an ongoing basis.

Entrepreneurs testing virtual reality technology

Will AI Force Humans To Become More Human? (Part 2)

28-Jan-2020 | Bill Schmarzo | Design Thinking

Will AI create an environment where design thinking skills are more valuable than data science skills? Will AI alter how we define human intelligence?

Team sits around a coffee table during a design thinking exercise

Design Thinking And The Intelligent Enterprise (Part 2)

14-Jan-2020 | Frederik Verhoef | Design Thinking

Design thinking is one of the most powerful tools to solve business problems, but there's no standard way to go about it. Learn about some proven options.

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