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How To Flourish In Industry 4.0, The Fourth Industrial Revolution (Part 1)

14-Feb-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Deloitte

Businesses must prepare to derive new sources of customer, product, and operational value for this next Industrial Revolution: Industry 4.0.

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Why Context Is The Key To Helping Data-Driven Misfits Fit In

14-Jan-2019 | Estelle Lagorce | Deloitte

Capturing data is only a small part of competing in an increasingly intelligence-driven marketplace. Putting it into context is key to putting it into action.

2019, CIO, technology trends, forecast, prediction

CIO Priorities For 2019: IT Thought Leaders Share Their Predictions

9-Jan-2019 | Jean Loh | Deloitte

Experts share their priorities and how adoption will change IT roles, organizational structures, and business models as we move deeper into 2019.

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