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Everyone has a time in their life, either personally or professionally, that shaped their perspectives on diversity and inclusion. By sharing those stories, we hope to inspire the change we need now. Our "Defining Moment" series fosters dialogue, participation, and awareness with SAP customers, partners, employees and the general public on how we can all help move #BusinessBeyondBias.

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diversity, executive, leadership, inclusion, women in business

Diversity For The Greater Good And As A Smart Business Strategy

11-Jan-2017 | Greg McStravick | Defining Moment

Research proves that companies diverse in gender, ethnicity, and race have a competitive advantage.

diversity, executive, leadership, inclusion, women in business, Mexico, higher education

Beyond Business Bias: If I Don’t Take Responsibility, Who Will?

20-Dec-2016 | Hernán García González | Defining Moment

Achieving diversity and inclusion is not just about setting goals, it's also a matter of making a personal commitment.

Girls In Tech: From One Event To A Global Movement

3-Nov-2016 | Adriana Gascoigne | Defining Moment

Girls in Tech engages and empowers women of all ages and at all levels of their careers and supports them as they pursue careers in STEM fields.

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