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What All Good Leaders Know: Advice On Seeking Advice

27-Apr-2018 | Rohit Tripathi | Decision-Making

All good leaders have times when they seek advice from peers and mentors. Do you know who to turn to if you have a professional dilemma?

The Challenge Of Analytics Growth In The Public Sector

26-Apr-2018 | Shaily Kumar | Decision-Making

There are plenty of opportunities to apply analytics in the public sector, but cultural and technical challenges must be overcome. Here are some examples.

retail, omnichannel, digital strategy, leadership, digital transformation

Overcoming The Execution Gap In Retail’s New Normal

27-Mar-2018 | Matt Laukaitis | Decision-Making

With the right data, assets, and systems, retail leaders can navigate and execute the strategy to close the execution gap between being a winner and being a loser.

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