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Consuming FP&A Data: Moving Beyond Grids To Visualization

4-Sep-2018 | Brian Kalish | Data Visualization

Moving your data visualization skills forward will save time, money, and resources, and build your capacity to make better, smarter decisions faster.

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Disrupting The Insurance Industry: How Digitalization Enables A Customer-Focused Business Model

16-Apr-2018 | Joe Pacor | Data Visualization

Today’s insurance customer has dozens of choices in providers. To compete, insurers must create a customer-driven model that meets their needs while also addressing loss prevention and protection services.

Modern FP&A: The Value Of Visualization

28-Feb-2018 | Pras Chatterjee | Data Visualization

Modern BI and visualization allows finance to tell a real-time story based on the latest information to capture the mind and attention of the customer.

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