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Data Platforms Reveal Untapped Superpowers That Make Midsize Businesses Unstoppable

20-May-2019 | Matthew Zenus | Data Utilization

A disciplined approach to data management ignites superpowers that are so impactful that the largest competitors may find it difficult to keep up.

data management, digital platform, SMB, SME, midsize business

Future Growth Of Midsize Businesses Hinges On The Strength Of A Modern Data Platform

2-Apr-2019 | Matthew Zenus | Data Utilization

Increasingly, growth depends on the strength of a unified digital data platform, which is critical for turning data into insight.

Legal Implications For Big Data: Ask An Expert

7-Aug-2017 | Thadeus Suzenski | Data Utilization

Joshua Sun, assistant general counsel, SAP Global Legal, discusses Big Data and advanced analytics technology vis a vis legal and regulatory implications.

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