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a group of IT team members discussing their data management strategy sitting around a conference table

Evolving Your Data Strategy In The Experience Economy

6-Nov-2019 | Riaz Faride | Data Strategy

Whether you want a better experience, strengthened trust, increased satisfaction with choices, or improved processes, an effective data strategy is paramount.

Greenhouse worker monitors his greenhouse vegetable garden and kneels down while referencing information on his tablet

A Data-Driven Approach To Sustainability

23-Sep-2019 | Angela Harvey | Data Strategy

By using data to get a clear assessment of the issues at hand, we can work toward better solutions. Here are some examples.

Business people discussing ideas, using digital tablet

Analytics, Ethics, And AI – So What?

28-Aug-2019 | Marc Teerlink | Data Strategy

Make the most of your predictive analytics and AI by treating data as an asset.

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