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Data Management For A Data-Driven HR Organization 

13-Mar-2019 | Nick Mayo | Data Storage

Advances in storage and computing power are enabling HR to mine unstructured data to better understand employees, job candidates, HR processes, and industries.

big data, analytics, data mining, data storage, structured data, unstructured data, machine learning

The Digital Renaissance And Big Data: Processing, Managing, And Storing Structured Or Unstructured Data

8-Oct-2018 | Ginger Shimp | Data Storage

Advanced in-memory databases unify multiple sources of raw info – Big Data – so businesses understand the trends, tendencies, and insights that fuel innovation.

data management, customer experience, data security

Four Ways To Master Secure Customer Data Management

5-Jul-2018 | Bertram Schulte | Data Storage

Managing customer data effectively and securely will allow your business to offer more tailored and personalized experiences.

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