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GDPR: A Way To Utilize Processes As Assets (Part 2)

8-Aug-2018 | Cindy Morel | Data Protection

Process transparency can help identify compliance issues and can pinpoint manual process steps that would benefit from digitalization or automation.

data management, data ownership, privacy, right to be forgotten, GDPR, compliance, data governance

GDPR: Data Protection Is Only The Tip Of The Iceberg

1-Aug-2018 | Bil Khan | Data Protection

Post-GDPR, companies must take a much broader view of personal information that incorporates not only policy and governance elements but also gives control back to the customer as the rightful owner of their own information.

authentication, security, mobile security, PSD2, SCA, strong customer authentication

Strong Customer Authentication For PSD2 In The EU: Elements For Success

26-Jul-2018 | William Dudley | Data Protection

The EU's Second Payment Services Directive requires more robust security practices for online payments. Learn the compliance requirements for strong customer authentication (SCA).

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