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The Vexing Problem Of Data Entropy

1-Jun-2018 | Chris Hallenbeck | Data Management Platform

Without a comprehensive, secure, logical, and efficient data-management system, essential data can become useless. Even worse, it can become a drain on an enterprise as it struggles to access and interpret its mountains of increasingly complex and varied information.

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Building For A Digital Future With Bimodal IT

28-Mar-2018 | Greg McStravick | Data Management Platform

The highway of business is littered with the carcasses of companies that failed to see change coming. Bimodal IT enables enterprises to tap into the resources that will help differentiate and innovate for long-term success.

In Support Of Digital Transformation: Transforming Data Management Architecture And Solutions

8-Mar-2018 | Dan Vesset | Data Management Platform

As DX takes hold, organizations are facing more complex ecosystems and business environments within an expansion of data characteristics, behaviors, domains, social contexts, and environments. A comprehensive intelligence vision is needed to start addressing this data complexity.

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