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Unlocking The Data Challenge: Excellence (Part 4)

16-Jan-2020 | Christian Thisgaard | Data Management

Analyzing past failures confirms that the challenge of turning data into action is very different from the earlier process-optimization initiatives.

finance executive presents data to finance team in a meeting room

The New Chief Financial Officer Thinks Like A Chief Data Officer

13-Jan-2020 | Hendrik Vordenbaeumen | Data Management

As finance managers look to become CFOs and current CFOs look to be change agents in their organization, here are four ways to set themselves up for success.

Plant engineer climbs an oil storage tank

How To Approach A Cognitive AI Project For Unstructured Data Processing

13-Jan-2020 | Bharti Maan | Data Management

Cognitive AI system deployments are full of questions ranging from cost and feasibility to ethical considerations. Tackle them in a series of small steps.

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