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Executive Mandate #1: Become Value-Driven, Not Data-Driven

17-Oct-2019 | Bill Schmarzo | Data-Driven Insights

Data may be the world's most valuable resource, but the analytic insights buried in the data are what will determine the winners and losers in the 21st century.

Trans-Alaska Pipeline

Why Intelligence Is The New Oil For The Future Enterprise

8-Oct-2019 | Carlos Lacerda | Data-Driven Insights

Organizations that create intelligent business processes to deliver contextualized and consent-based experiences will win in this new data-driven world.

IT team considers their approach to a new implementation for their small and midsize business

If You're Asking About “The Right Technology” For Your Growing Business, You're Asking The Wrong Question

24-Sep-2019 | Gene Marks | Data-Driven Insights

Want the right technology to help grow your business? Then, focus on the data rather than the hardware and software.

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