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Benefits Of Shifting To The Cloud

5-Sep-2019 | Randi Purser | Data-Driven Insights

What does the future of business look like? Using cloud computing to quickly capture and analyze data in real-time.

Businesswoman Stands To Address Meeting Around Board Table

Three Keys To Collaborative Enterprise Planning For HR

4-Sep-2019 | Pras Chatterjee | Data-Driven Insights

With real-time insight and tools for sharing plans across teams, HR can become a stronger partner to the business.

Banking executives review performance in customer interactions and engagement

Digital Ecosystems Increase Opportunities For Corporate Bankers And Their Customers

4-Sep-2019 | Andy Hirst | Data-Driven Insights

The world is becoming strongly oriented toward digital networks. Banks must embrace these networks – or be left behind by their increasingly demanding clients.

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