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Scientist researches heallthcare-related cure

Solving Complex Challenges With AI That Evolves As It Learns

2-Jul-2019 | Jerry Smith | Data-Driven Decision-Making

Evolutionary computation, a step up from today's AI, informs business decisions by providing optimal solutions to incredibly complex problems.

Three business people discuss graphs on screen in meeting room

How Insights Drive Data-Driven Accounting

17-Jun-2019 | Mario Spanicciati | Data-Driven Decision-Making

It is imperative for companies to start modernizing their accounting functions in order to remain competitive. Here's how to get started.

Tech Unknown Podcast With Tammy Powlas: Boosting Business Intelligence With Customized Analytics Solutions

12-Jun-2019 | Tamara McCleary | Data-Driven Decision-Making

[Episode 4, Season 1] Tammy Powlas discusses how customizable analytics solutions can provide users business insights in all departments of the enterprise.

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