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Eye Candy: How Visual Interfaces Boost Productivity

16-Jul-2018 | Rosina Geiger | Data-Driven Decision-Making

Munich-based startup 4tiitoo has developed a powerful combination of eye-tracking and AI to make everyday work more efficient, intuitive, and effortless.

A Checklist Of Ethical Design Challenges For Business AI

16-Jul-2018 | Guido Wagner | Data-Driven Decision-Making

Building an intelligent enterprise by introducing AI may raise ethical questions. A checklist is helpful to identify the most crucial pitfalls.

consumer products, CPG, manufacturing, supply chain, retail, customer experience

Transform Or Be Left Behind: Why CPG Manufacturers Need To Create New Value Propositions For Their Customers

5-Jul-2018 | Maggie Slowik | Data-Driven Decision-Making

To avoid brand commoditization and protect their market share, brand-oriented companies must transform to create and maintain a meaningful relationship with their end customers.

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