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data management, data analytics, trusted data

Investing In Trusted Data

2-Jul-2018 | Alison Biggan | Data Breach

Organizations with successful trusted-data practices use data cataloging, architecture, and monitoring, but they also have something else in common.

data management, data analytics, GRC, compliance, data security, data governance

Why Data Security And Data Governance Matter

21-Jun-2018 | Chris Hallenbeck | Data Breach

Data security may be on everyone’s minds these days, but it will continue to become more challenging as data collection and storage becomes more sophisticated.

ERP In The Cloud: A Key Deciding Factor For GDPR Compliance

7-Jun-2018 | Ido Shamgar | Data Breach

Rethinking existing approaches to protecting data, technology, and connectivity can set the foundation with a secure cloud-based ERP environment that can be trusted by executives and employees as well as partners and customers.

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