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The Cloud’s Big Break: Shining Light On The Value Of Embedded Data Analytics

31-May-2018 | Hannah White | Data Analytics

The cloud enables easier and faster data analytics so any business, large or small, can make smarter decisions in a rapidly evolving business world.

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Simplify To The Core

8-May-2018 | Jesper Schleimann | Data Analytics

Translytical platforms support transactions and analytics in real time without sacrificing transactional integrity, performance, and scale. They are also the ultimate anecdote for a string of related pains in established companies that struggle in the era of digital transformation.

Insight-Driven Businesses Require Next-Generation Data Warehousing

24-Apr-2018 | Thierry Audas | Data Analytics

Decision making is no longer enough. Today’s organizations must adapt or die—and survival requires a new kind of business. Best-in-class organizations are maturing from a data-driven approach to decision-making to an insights-driven one.

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