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machine learning, cybersecurity, data privacy, risk, GDPR, compliance, data management, AI, federated learning

Machine Learning And Data Privacy: Contradiction Or Partnership?

21-May-2019 | Ivona Crnoja | Cyber Security Premium

Enterprises are looking for ways to uncover the value hidden in Big Data without risking exposing sensitive customer information.

Employees: Your Strongest Or Weakest Link In Cybersecurity

1-Apr-2019 | Larry Alton | Cyber Security Premium

A business can come up with advanced cybersecurity strategies, but in many cases, employees prove to be the weakest link in the chain.

Deloitte, technology trends, CIO, IT

The Evolution Of Technology Continues: What’s Next In 2019

26-Feb-2019 | Christine Evans | Cyber Security Premium

Deloitte sees eight trends that will make 2019 “a more opportune time to leave your mark on your company, your industry, and an entire world of possibility.”

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