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Machine Learning And Data Privacy: Contradiction Or Partnership?

21-May-2019 | Ivona Crnoja | Cyber Security

Enterprises are looking for ways to uncover the value hidden in Big Data without risking exposing sensitive customer information.

GDPR, regulation, cloud services, compliance, risk management

Cloud Services And The GDPR: A Guide For Business Responsibilities

13-May-2019 | Dakota Murphey | Cyber Security

To avoid regulatory problems, you must ensure that both you and your cloud services provider are in full compliance with the GDPR. Here are the steps to take.

cloud, security, Office 365, threat prevention, cyber defense, cybercrime

Six Ways To Secure Your Organization’s Office 365 Environment

23-Apr-2019 | Dakota Murphey | Cyber Security

Office 365's ubiquity has made it a valuable target for cybercrime. Tweak these six settings to reduce your business' risk.

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