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Five Marketing Automating Techniques To Achieve Jaw-Dropping Audience Engagement

26-Dec-2019 | Melissa Burns | Customer Targeting

Marketing automation doesn't only make a marketer’s life easier; it creates many opportunities that would otherwise be impossible. Here are some examples.

Trust And Understanding: Winning Customer Relationships

8-Jun-2018 | Bernard Chung | Customer Targeting

Brands are winning customer relationships through trust, love, and understanding – which means using data wisely, and offering an outstanding CX.

Ask Not What You Can Do For Your Customers, But What Your Customers Can Do For You

5-Jun-2018 | Kosta Triantafillou | Customer Targeting

A key goal of influencer marketing is to build advocacy, which in turn drives loyalty, growth, and ultimately, fuels increased market share. Here are 3 steps to leverage customer influencers to generate interest and demand.

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