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The Impact Of 3D Printing On ERP Systems

3-Aug-2018 | Matthias Ledwon | Customer Service

Here's how 3D printing can transform the operational processes of organizations with logistics supply chains.

Water pipeline --- Image by © Ocean/Corbis

How Your Business Can Stay Afloat When PR19 Enters The Water Market

1-Aug-2018 | Adam Lyons | Customer Service

Life is about to change for water utilities companies in England and Wales, as the 2019 price review is set to change more than what they can charge for water.

authentication, security, mobile security, PSD2, SCA, strong customer authentication

Strong Customer Authentication For PSD2 In The EU: Elements For Success

26-Jul-2018 | William Dudley | Customer Service

The EU's Second Payment Services Directive requires more robust security practices for online payments. Learn the compliance requirements for strong customer authentication (SCA).

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