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Couple using digital tablet in airplane

The Future Of Airlines Depends On Data

7-Nov-2019 | Eva-Maria Roe | Customer Service

To compete in the digital age, airlines are thinking strategically about how data can help overcome the challenges they face every day in new, innovative ways.

Manager uses swarm intelligence to assign team roles

The Platform And The Swarm: Strategy For Continuous Finance Innovation

7-Aug-2019 | Joel Bernstein | Customer Service

Here's how SAP's finance group adopted a "platform and swarm" approach to drive digital innovation, boost transformation, and improve the customer experience.

Workers and businessman in a chemicals plant

OMG! Another Customer-Centricity Project?!

7-Aug-2019 | Pedro Ahlers | Customer Service

Customer relationships in the chemical industry are built on personal interactions, so it's not surprising CRM has faced an uphill battle in sales departments.

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