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Making The Shift From Transactional To Relational Experiences (Part 3)

24-Apr-2019 | Jacob Vaidyan | Customer Loyalty

To succeed in the experience economy, shifting your customer experiences from transactional to relational is critical. Here's how to do it.

Christmas nutcracker soldiers on a mantle

Reindeers, Elves, And Machine Learning

24-Dec-2018 | Nicholas Nicoloudis | Customer Loyalty

There’s a lot we can learn from Santa: he always knows exactly what gifts will satisfy each one of his millions of young customers. And now, retailers can too.

intelligent enterprise, customer experience, brand, trust, workforce engagement

Intelligent Evolution Of People, Processes, And Customer Experience

29-Nov-2018 | Helen Dwight | Customer Loyalty

Intelligent operations enable businesses to reinvent the customer experience, respond proactively to customer expectations, and open new revenue streams.

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