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Executive Insights: Digitalization, Marketing Measurement, And The Engagement Economy

28-Dec-2017 | Fred Isbell | Customer Lifecycle Value

Marketers must find the best mix of marketing art and data science to drive and measure success. A recent ITSMA report gives insight into what this means.

How Can You Save The Day If They Can't Find You?

21-Mar-2016 | Jennifer Schulze | Customer Lifecycle Value

Buyers are making decisions without you most of the time. Make sure that you are found in the right ways to be credible and add value.

children dressed as superheroes

How To Be A Customer Service Superhero

17-Mar-2016 | Jennifer Schulze | Customer Lifecycle Value

Excellent relationship management during the buyer and customer journey can boost your bottom line. Do you have what it takes to be a customer superhero?

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