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Selling Smarter With Predictive Lead Scoring Algorithms

4-Jun-2018 | Priya Sareen | Customer Intelligence

Forward-thinking companies are using the growth of data analytics and artificial intelligence to pinpoint the most viable sales leads and generate remarkable results.

Writing A New Story: CRM And Customer Service

30-Mar-2018 | Lisa James | Customer Intelligence

At the heart of the new CRM and customer service story is a need to deliver on your brand promise and create, build, and sustain long-term relationships with your customers.

customer engagement, retail, analytics, big data

Customer Engagement In Retail – Not Merely About Customer Experience

1-Feb-2018 | Chong Mock Seng | Customer Intelligence

Customer engagement is not merely providing retail customers with a satisfactory experience during their sales journey. It's about inspiring customers and encouraging them to partake in the experiences you create, when they want to engage.

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