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Customer-Centric IT Is Key To An Unforgettable Customer Experience

5-Mar-2019 | Joerg Oberdieck | Customer-Centric Organization

A customer-centric IT strategy puts customer experience at the center of your business model to control the success of your brand.

finance leader discusses digitalization efforts with his team in a meeting room

How Technology Can Enhance Finance Stakeholders’ Experience

8-Aug-2018 | Nilly Essaides | Customer-Centric Organization

Finance organizations that embrace digital transformation achieve dramatically better results in their business and their customers' satisfaction.

finance, innovation, digital transformation, customer experience, CFO, leadership

Digital Transformation, Customer Experience, And The CFO’s Role In Innovation

2-Aug-2018 | Chaye Cabal-Revilla | Customer-Centric Organization

In the digital economy, every part of the organization is connected to finance. CFOs must take the lead in modeling a spirit of innovation and willingness to adopt new ideas.

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