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Can Internal Control Be The Key To Longevity?

20-Apr-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard | Corporate Governance

Average longevity of S&P 500 businesses is less than a quarter of what it was 100 years ago. How can you ensure your business is here for the long haul?

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Emerging Risk: Hic Sunt Dracones

6-Apr-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard | Corporate Governance

Threats never appear without warning; the trick is to be ready for them before they turn into risks.

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Top Risks For 2020, And How To Involve All Stakeholders

23-Mar-2020 | Thomas Frénéhard | Corporate Governance

Stakeholders in the risk-management process will be much more involved in solutions if they can personally relate to the risk events they are asked to manage.

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