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Digitalist Flash Briefing: When Bots Do The Bargaining

11-Mar-2019 | Bonnie D. Graham | Contract Negotiation

Check out what may happen when humans allow AI bots to do their price bargaining.

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When Bots Do The Bargaining

28-Jan-2019 | David Jonker | Contract Negotiation

The time it takes to haggle over most purchases makes it not worth the effort. But artificial intelligence (AI) intermediaries will soon change that.

The Evolution Of Contract Management – From Repository To AI

5-Apr-2018 | Constantine Limberakis | Contract Negotiation

Today, CLM options range from stand-alone best-of-breed technology and ERP solutions to contract management to services procurement. How organizations select these solutions varies, but it is clear that efficient contract management automation is part of the digital transformation imperative.

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