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Train leaves station in Dubai

Event-Driven, Continuous Accounting: A Transportation Use Case

18-Nov-2019 | Luciano Morra | Continuous Accounting

Shifting from period-based to event-driven continuous accounting is an extraordinary opportunity to create value in the finance department.

Team of accountants use a variety of technology to get work done

Accountants: Make Tech Disruption Your New Best Friend

30-Sep-2019 | Molly Boyle | Continuous Accounting

Advice for organizations with accounting and finance teams who are resisting change.

finance, financial close, accounting FP&A, CFO, continuous accounting, continuous improvement

Technology Makes Everything Better, Right? (Right??)

27-Mar-2019 | Molly Boyle | Continuous Accounting

Finance transformation replaces your spreadsheet-driven, record-to-report close with a solution that increases visibility, efficiency, and scalability.

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