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Trust And Understanding: Winning Customer Relationships

8-Jun-2018 | Bernard Chung | Consumer Privacy

Brands are winning customer relationships through trust, love, and understanding – which means using data wisely, and offering an outstanding CX.

Establish Trust In The Digital Age

6-Jun-2018 | John Roche | Consumer Privacy

The ability to quickly gather, analyze, and execute on consumer data will continue to increase with advances in technology and expanding consumer expectations. It is imperative that your organization creates a culture (backed up by data-protection first policy) of handling consumer data with care.

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On Pendulums, Airports, And Data Governance Strategy

1-May-2018 | John Fiske | Consumer Privacy

Data governance is hot once again. Looking at it in parallel with airport security, with distinct public zones and secure zones as a means of improving data quality while enhancing security, offers benefits for everyone.

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