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resident of a smart city in his apartment

Promising Technologies Build Smart Cities That Go Beyond Imagination

8-Jul-2019 | Harald Wouters | Constituent Experience

Sci-fi from the imaginations of those living in the present is not only entertaining, but it can offer tangible lessons about the future.

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Why Machine Learning And Big Data Will Produce The Earliest Wins

11-Jul-2018 | Joseph Brookes | Constituent Experience

Generating value and confidence in emerging technology will depend on an organization’s resources, technology ecosystems, and trust.

Predictive analytics, machine learning, governments, customer service, customer experience, citizen services, social issues

Overcoming Big Data Challenges With Real-Time Computing

21-Jun-2018 | Ryan van Leent | Constituent Experience

Public sector organizations are unlocking long-hidden, valuable data to gain critical insights that improve citizens' lives.

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