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How Life Sciences Organizations Can "WIP It Good" (Part 2)

23-Jan-2019 | Sudy Bharadwaj | Connected Manufacturing

Poor control of work-in-process inventory can create financial risks for life sciences companies.

digital transformation, connectedness, standardization, manufacturing, internet of things

Manufacturing’s Next Act Begins With Connectedness And Standardization

13-Nov-2018 | Klaus Berghoffer | Connected Manufacturing

The further decision-makers are from the shop floor, the harder it is for them to appreciate and understand the bold changes affecting manufacturing.

IoT, connectivity, low-power devices, Internet of Things, Manufacturing, utilities

Connectivity Options For Utilities And Manufacturers

5-Jun-2018 | John Candish | Connected Manufacturing

Enabling lower-cost Internet of Things (IoT) devices that use less power than traditional cellular or WiFi technologies and have a very long life are becoming key for utilities and manufacturers.

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