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Building The Intelligent Supply Chain

21-May-2019 | Aldo Ambrosio | Connected Fleet

An intelligent supply chain connects people with processes and things to enable visibility, communication, planning, analysis, simulations, and execution.

Digital Economy, Industries, Innovation, IM&C, Industry 4.0, IoT, Big Data, Digital Transformation, Leonardo

Integrated Cloud And Analytic Solutions Are Driving IoT Adoption Rates

24-Apr-2018 | David Parrish | Connected Fleet

Integrated cloud and analytic solutions enable discrete manufacturers to bring many different IoT investments together into a single platform.

SAP Leonardo, Connected fleets, Mill products, Mining, Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Suply Network

Empowering Your Vehicles With the Internet of Things

4-Jan-2018 | Stefan Weisenberger | Connected Fleet

Mill products and mining companies can reduce driver risk and material loss by managing vehicle fleets with IoT technologies.

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