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Global Findings On IoT For Consumer Products

22-Mar-2018 | Don Gordon | Connected Devices

New study reveals that the IoT presents massive opportunities to consumer products companies in ways that are often unseen to consumers. Here's more.

SAP Leonardo, Life Sciences, Internet of Things, Big Data, Connected Devices

Empower People With Health Wearables: Mixing Tech And Health

15-Dec-2017 | Joseph Miles | Connected Devices

Wearable activity trackers can show immediate benefits to improve people's health, manage disease, and decrease healthcare costs.

SAP Leonardo, Connected Products, Mill products, Paper & Packaging, Internet of Things, Big Data, Digital Suply Network, Connected Devices

Why The IoT Means You'll Never Run Out Of Paper

14-Dec-2017 | Alfred Becker | Connected Devices

Sensors in printers that automatically order paper based on actual consumption, rather than projections, increase efficiency and cut costs.

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