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Intelligent Enterprise For Oil And Gas: The Next Frontier In Operational Excellence

31-Aug-2018 | Anoop Srivastava | Connected Assets

The sector now realizes data is the "new oil," and there is plenty of it lingering in siloed islands in the oil and gas enterprise. 

Edge Computing And Cloud For Remote Operations, Part 1

22-May-2018 | David Cruickshank | Connected Assets

Edge computing is essential for optimizing industrial data at every aspect of an operation, enabling remote sites to act upon the data that matters to a location’s real-time situation and optimizing business processes to act on insights gleaned.

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Integrated Cloud And Analytic Solutions Are Driving IoT Adoption Rates

24-Apr-2018 | David Parrish | Connected Assets

Integrated cloud and analytic solutions enable discrete manufacturers to bring many different IoT investments together into a single platform.

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